The easy to use tactics and coaching animator for Soccer, Rugby and Gaelic Football

Super charge your coaching and sports eduction with animation

Used by leading national teams, clubs and universities across the globe

SquadScout's SquadAnimator is easy-to-use software for creating animations of soccer, rugby, gaelic football or american football training drills and plays.

Designed by coaches for coaches, SquadAnimator lets you quickly and easily create professional animations to use in training.

Uses by coaches, sports educators and scouts across the globe, SquadAnimator helps ensure players and students always know what they should do through the high-quality animations and report exports that guide them visually.

Available for Windows and Mac, the easy to use software is easy to get up and running - with tablet applications for iOS and Android coming soon.

So if you want to improve your education, coaching, game plans or scouting - check out SquadAnimator now and download our free trial version.

Key Features

Easy to Use Editor

The animator is based around a simple but powerful key-frame editor allowing you to quickly compose detailed animations by dragging-and-dropping players, props and balls across the field.

All of the items can be customised including colour, size, rotation and numbering within the editor as well as the inclusion of your own background logo in your animations, videos and reports.

You can add captions, direction lines and much more, providing a complete animated training and playbook experience.

Export to High Quality Video

Once you have created your play, you can export it to high-quality MP4 video supported on all modern desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Videos contain any customisations you have included in your animation, including custom logos.

So whether you want to embed your animation in a presentation or scouting report, display it on a smart board at game time, or share it with your team before practice, you can make sure your team always know what they need to do when it matters.

Step-by-Step Playbook Reports

If you cannot send video or just need something offline line, then you can simply generate printable play-boards in PDF format that can be sent out or printed.

Ideal for teams who have many plays and need a quick offline reference during the game, the PDF reports are fully branded and include detailed captions and lines to outline movement.

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We offer pricing for individuals and teams, with a free trial to get you going.

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